Why I Added a Dictionary:

Many times you will hear me use certain types of words or phrases, now I do my best to stick to the 1885 Bouvier Law Dictionary. So if you are getting somewhat confused about what I'm talking about, then please look up the word within this dictionary.  

Words are really the least effective communicator. They are most open to misinterpretation, most often misunderstood. And why is that? It is because of what words are. Words are merely utterances: noises that stand for feelings, thoughts, and experience. They are symbols. Signs. Insignias.

They are NOT Truth. They are not the real thing. Words may help you understand something. Experience allows you to know.

Note: These words will NOT be in alphabetical order, that is becuase I add them as I do my research for the Denizen's Radio program.
So the best bet is to use the finder feature (CTR + F) in your web browser to locate the word. 

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The definitions here are from the 1885 Bouvier Law Dictionary, American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secundum and of course the Biblical code plead meanings. This is the ONLY dictionary the court use, which is why I use it.

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