Alright people, this is what I like to call the "Common Sense" disclaimer. Now from time to time, I will try to sell you something, it is how I run this site. It is your responsibly to fully research and understand what you are buying. I charge my classes in Gold American Eagle coin or trade them for something on the trade list.I will provide as much information about any given product/service as I can. But I am only human, and therefore I make mistakes. All income claims either from me or from something I'm trying to sell, is to be taken as NOT YOUR TYPICAL RESULT.

Intelligent Property Rights

If I promote a product or service that I own, then I'm fully responsibility for them. I do NOT offer any refunds for any reason no exceptions, for questions please use the contact page.

If I'm recommending a product/service, I am in no way endorsing the product or product creator. I do NOT participate in affiliate programs or any and all paid to promote programs. I am a Common Law Denizen and I don't use commercial paper or negotiable instruments in all my business affairs. (I use American Eagles Gold/Silver/Platinum Coin) For customer support, then they are fully responsibility for any refunds, customer support or any other areas the comes with their business.

All I ask is that you use your god given right of common sense, before you make a decision, this isn't rocket science people, it is just like making a purchase at any store.

And of course, I reserve any and all rights to change, modified this earning disclaimer and at time, because it is my blog.